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Why You Should Hire a Professional Decorator

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  • 09-02-2022
Why You Should Hire a Professional Decorator

Perhaps your goal for 2022 is to redesign your home and bring new life into it. The question is: why should you hire a professional decorator and not DIY the project?

What Benefits Does a Decorator Bring?

Hiring a professional decorator for your next project has many benefits and can stop costly mistakes from arising. While it is tempting to do the work yourself, when an interior designer completes home decor work, you have quality materials and an expert team at your disposal.

This article will explain the many benefits of hiring a professional interior designer and how it can save money for your next decorative project.

Save Time

Hiring an interior designer will save time on your home transformation, and you can work closely with them during the process.

Managing time while juggling the project's to-do list is part of their expertise, and a good interior designer will ensure you're not messed around with your working hours and lifestyle.

Quicker Completion

While you will have to wait for the right time to happen for your DIY redecorating, hiring a designer will ensure a quicker completion time, allowing you to continue with your life as standard.

The correct products will best protect the result, and you will have an amazing quality design to show as your new home.


One of the main perks of hiring a professional designer is the convenience of their services. Many painters and decorators can be left without worry, completing a quality job every time.

The work is completed at a time convenient to you, providing a free quote and professional assessment before the job begins, ensuring the busy day runs smoothly. You will find the entire operation much less effort with a designer.

Better finish

The quality work completed when you hire an interior decorator ensures a high-quality finish. The best professionals can integrate brush types and finishes into the work, guaranteeing sharp techniques are met, such as cutting in and back rolling.

These finishes promise a wow factor from the interior design services and can avoid costly mistakes along the line. Their tools are a great example of how their finish will be higher quality than you can complete yourself.

Product Knowledge

Professional painters and interior decorators will have worked with many materials and products in their years.

The paint options and colours presented to consumers is daunting, but they have the trained eye for using the right items.

Interior designers can offer advice on the market resources, saving money on the overall picture.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Decorator

Hiring an interior designer or decorator is becoming normalised among homeowners, with more people realising the benefits to be gained from their services. 


Help You Define Your Style

Developing a unique style for your home can be confusing at first, especially when you begin to see the wealth of options. 

If you have an idea as to what you'd like the design to look like, or you're completely unsure, working alongside a designer can help guide the direction of the final product. 

Knowing what patterns to combine and working with different upholstery fabrics and furniture pieces are all crucial steps in defining your style. They can create an atmosphere that works for you in your home and family. 

Save Money

As we have said above, hiring a professional decorator can save you money with their knowledge of products and retailers and attention to detail. 

Many decorating issues, ranging from cracking plaster to flaking paint, can be caused when you attempt to complete design work DIY. 

These problems quickly multiply, causing you to spend more money and waste more time.

Reduce Stress

While helping define your style, hiring a professional decorator will also alleviate stress during the planning and decorating process. 

With all the colours and furniture options available to you, it can become stressful to attempt to plan the entire redecoration by yourself. 

This can become quite the task, so sharing that stress with a designer is a wise idea. You will find greater inspiration when you are stressing less about the project.

Professional Insight

While you should find an interior designer that you connect with on the project, you should also hire one that has the professional insight to make your decorative project successful. 

Their insight can advise you on the best solutions and practices for your problems, and you are receiving unique wisdom. 

Smart decisions can be made on lighting, both natural and installed, ensuring that the plans are approved from an architects point of view.

Budgeting And Planning

A professional decorator will know how to budget and plan the design direction for your project, ensuring that all can be completed on time and within costs. 

If complications arise, your designer or decorator will have the experience and understanding to make quick changes while following initial cost outlines. 

They can meet in the middle where new complications arise that aren't negotiable.

A Trained Eye

Understanding how each fine detail plays a part in the bigger picture is crucial and can easily be ignored or avoided by beginners. 

Interior designers know how each element they introduce adds to the overall style and feng shui, introducing unique additions you may not have considered. 

They have worked across offices, homes and many other properties, and their input can prove fun during the decoration process.

Unique Ideas

While you may have an idea in your head of what you believe the space should look like, your designer may have unique ideas that can achieve the same result or a better one. 

Perhaps you've got a blank wall with the potential for floating shelves, new wallpaper or a gallery wall of painting and artwork. 

Their unique ideas will help bring new life into your home and deal with troublesome areas you are scratching your head over. 

Stunning Results

Of course, the results you get when you hire a designer will be stunning, and beyond anything, you could have imagined otherwise. 

They are trained and experienced in the field of interior design, providing a guaranteed amazing result that blows your mind. 

All the items used to decorate the room will work together perfectly, creating a wonderful environment that you love to be in.   


You may be worried that an interior designer will leave little room for collaboration after receiving your brief, and your project becomes overrun by someone else. 

We all enjoy having control, which is why many people choose to complete their home projects DIY. 

However, many interior decorators and designers thrive off the collaborative process, working alongside their clients to reach a conclusion that works for all. 

They can point out ideas and propose designs on your walls, floors and rooms that you can discuss together. 

Add Value To Your Home

The purpose of redesigning your home isn't just for improved, modern aesthetics and new furniture. This can also improve value to your property, whether you are improving an old house or changing the layout to best suit the family life. 

If you are planning on selling in the future, you can see a significant increase in kerb appeal when you redesign your home, especially common areas like the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. 

Sometimes the floor plan can be adapted to modernise the home during these redesigns also if you decide to work with a designer on a larger-scale operation. 

Understanding how the space works from an architectural point of view is important to utilising rooms in the most cost-efficient manner. 

Are Professional Decorators Worth It?

When you hire a professional designer or decorator, you are investing in their experience and knowledge in the industry, not just their title. 

They are genuinely interested in your project and home, offering bespoke information about colours, fabrics and surfaces to create the best quality living environment for you.

Whilst many people do choose to complete the preparation and some of the design work themselves, you can significantly benefit from the knowledge of a design person on your team. 

There is a range of builders, contractors, designers and engineers that you can utilise to ensure that your home stays on brand and sticks to what you want. There are risks with every design and building project, but you mitigate some of those by paying a designer.

Working alongside a major architecture team can be expensive, but the connections you gain from an interior decorator are worthwhile. 

Find A Local Painter and Decorator

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