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Why Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your House

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  • 15-11-2022
Why Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your House

Why should you paint the exterior of your house? Find out more about the benefits of regularly painting the outside of your home.

Painting Your Home's Exterior

Suppose you're ready to take on a change that will help restore and improve your property's resale value. If that's the case, we would recommend considering upgrades that will improve the home's appearance. The best ways are by selecting projects such as changing the overall landscape with extension, installing new floors across specific rooms or updating your bathroom and kitchen.

A new lick of paint is a relatively simple change; however, its effect on the appearance of the entire house or building is just as drastic; you'll almost wonder why you didn't play about with colour in the first place. It offers several advantages, including adding extra layers of protection. 


Why Paint the Exterior of a House?

You can reap many benefits from adding a fresh coat of paint to your household exterior; it helps improve the curb appeal and visual appearance whilst protecting such a massive investment from unsightly faults and damage. For many homeowners, a new paint job is a practical solution that is more cost-effective and cheaper than material replacements or expensive structural remedies.

Benefits Of Painting The Outside Of Your House

 Protect Against The Elements

Extreme weather conditions can be a nightmare for any structure, even one as sturdy and robust as household walls or woodwork. Snow, sun, heavy rain and harsh winds are all elements that can do detrimental damage to your home in the worst case.

Outside paint is known to act somewhat as a protective shield against such conditions; however, older paint may not be as successful. 

Modern exterior paint will help prevent your property from experiencing the development of mould, moisture damage, pests, dust and debris. You can seal the wood surface and other materials against weathering through thorough house exterior painting. 

Why Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your House?

 Discover Exterior Problems

For those wishing to repaint their house's outside, you'll often notice numerous issues that you may have previously ignored, such as cracks, erosion, rotting wood, mildew, or water staining. If the exterior house consists of plenty of wood-based features, termites and pests can cause harm to its structural integrity and appearance.

We encourage those completing DIY projects to perform a full evaluation of their woodwork, whether it be the soffits, facia or windows. In detecting these issues early, you can select the correct stains and paints to remedy the problem, ensuring your wood is robust. 

 Increase Home Value

A house or property will always be one of the most significant investments you will make in your life; any home improvements or renovations you wish to complete will help increase the curb appeal and resale value each time.

One of the best ways to maintain your home to boost its selling price without costly extensions is with a fresh paint job for aesthetic purposes.

The main reason for beautifying your home is the benefits and mood enhancements it will bring you and your family. However, if you ever choose to put your home on the market, it can help attract future potential buyers and be pleasing for bypassers. 


 Increase External Woodwork Lifespan 

You may have any form of external woodwork making up the several factors of your property or home, such as frames of windows, soffits, gables and facia. However, wood is more susceptible to wear and tear, which is why a new coat of quality exterior paint helps extend the lifespan and keep it robust.

You or experienced painters must periodically maintain vinyl and wood with brand-new paint to increase the lifespan, reducing the need for expensive repairs and replacements. New paint on top of the wood is excellent for covering up and hiding minor damage on your house's siding; they are also helpful for resisting stains to ensure it doesn't flake. 

 Change of Style

It is highly likely that since you've moved into your home, potentially all those years ago, your tastes will have changed, and you'll favour new colours, themes and designs.

A change of style and scenery is constantly refreshing for your mood and fantastic for updating your home's curb appeal to suit your current tastes.

Adapting and improving the wood siding, trim, roof, or various other home exterior features can revamp your house's overall appearance in ways you've never even thought of. 

revamp your house's overall appearance

 Protect Against Peeling and Staining

Over the years, old exterior paint can begin to crack, peel or develop harmful, unsightly water stains. Seeing any staining or obvious signs of peeling on your home's walls is a massive sign that you must repaint the exterior with a more robust paint solution. Once professional painters arrive to begin painting the exterior, they'll start prep work by removing all the existing peeling paint.

They'll also fill chipping paint cracks and holes and use a cloth to clean the walls thoroughly so they can paint on a clean slate. Ensure that the paint you choose is of a newer and higher quality than previously used; that way, it will be more resistant to repelling stains and peeling. 

 Expand Colour Options 

One of the most rewarding parts of repainting your property or household is choosing from the expansive colour scheme options and the various patterns you can opt from to decorate the exterior and interior of your home.

You'll have the option of numerous different colours, tones and shades to look at and analyse before deciding on the perfect one for your home painting project.

Most experts recommend contacting a local professional painting company for expert advice and thorough consultation for those unsure of the exact colours complement one another. They'll provide you with a free estimate to suit your requirements.

We'll help you deliberate which shade best suits your pitched roof, shingles or flat roof.

Plenty of painting companies are comprised of talented creatives who can advise on the different colour combinations that will add a subtle but significant splash of colour to your neighbourhood. 

repainting your property

 Prevent Excess Moisture

Repainting your home or a property you own can help ensure the structural material is well maintained in numerous ways. Lots can damage the structure of your household or building, such as weathering, vandals and moisture retention. Too much moisture, especially where wood is concerned, can cause your building structure to become weak or rot, leaving unsightly water stains and harming other home features.

You may find that if water damage and excess moisture are neglected outside of your home, they could eventually leak into the interior of your property, ultimately causing more costly structural issues.You're most likely to uncover moisture and water damage as the seasons change and winter's colder, rainy weather approaches.

It's surprising to find that a brand-new exterior paint job could be what protects the integrity of your home or property from experiencing the costly repairs that come with moisture-related problems and beautify its appearance for curb appeal. 

 Use Modern Exterior Paints

Modern exterior paints are known to have a much longer lifespan than past paints, especially when trying to withstand harsh weather, dust and debris, insects and various other forms of erosion.

Suppose you only wish to touch up specific aspects of your household or property's exterior, or if you wish to complete an entire makeover, modern exterior paints are the best way to enhance its appearance.

It will also help rectify significant faults, such as chipping, cracking, etc., from the previous paint job.

Modern paint is designed to be far more durable and long-lasting. Suppose you're unsure of what paints to choose to help you complete such a job on your own.

In that case, we highly recommend contacting a painting company professional to ask about the brand of paint they utilise to paint exteriors. Exterior painting services will be able to offer a solid, quality solution to the product you're searching for. 

Modern exterior paints - Paint The Exterior Of Your House

 Improve Curb Appeal

A brand-new lick of paint for your home or property's exterior will ensure it stays sharp and fresh compared to other buildings on the same street. Doing so is perfect for those that intend to sell their home in the future or want to entice guests or neighbours for occasional gatherings. It is a surefire way to make a lasting impression on your existing neighbours and new guests or friends.

We encourage you to select your colours well; if you're searching for that clean, sleek and modern appearance, we recommend opting for bright pearly whites, as this is a great way to make your home look fresh. Crisp and bright shades or colours are the best way to make your home or property stand out in the best way possible.

It's paramount to ensure that your home or building is visually appealing for all the right reasons, which is why we would encourage you to stray from colours that perhaps don't suit the street or neighbourhood. You want its features and potential shade to be what allows it to stand out.

Suppose the surrounding homes are painted a beige shade; we wouldn't recommend selecting a bright, obnoxious green shade; however, if you wish to stay within the earth tones, you may prefer a forest green or a pale green to complement the surroundings. With all this, including the landscaping, taken into consideration, you can curate stunning curb appeal with a beautifully completed property paint renovation. 

 Cost Effective Renovation 

You'll find that even tasks like repainting your entire home aren't the cheapest, yet the renovation will enhance your home and its overall value, making it well worth the final price.

You may wish to accomplish the task yourself; however, if you want a stunning finish, we highly recommend hiring a professional painting company to help achieve sleek quality paint jobs.

Qualified painters in the property design industry have all the necessary high-quality tools, materials and exterior or interior paint to complete the work to the highest professional standard.

Paintjobs are a relatively simple renovation; however, they provide many aesthetic benefits and can improve your mood by supplying a relaxing or new bold or exciting colour scheme for your home's outside appearance or indoor rooms.

You can improve its functionality and enhance its value by investing in the help of a professional painting company. 


Exterior Painting Services Northampton

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