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What Is The Best Colour For A Commercial Building

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  • 15-11-2022
What Is The Best Colour For A Commercial Building

What is the best colour for a commercial building? Find out what the best paint colours are for commercial building exteriors.

What are the Best Paint Colours for Commercial Building Exteriors?

It can be challenging to find the most appropriate and best paint colours for commercial buildings and exteriors of establishments that help entice customers and accurately fit the surrounding properties. 

Here we'll help you uncover ideal colour combinations no matter the company you wish to renovate. Contact professional painters for additional support or a free quote estimate.

Commercial Building Paint

The best and most lasting impression you may make on a client or bypasser is the first impression, and the first impression is typically based on looks. 

Whether you're meeting a new person or your eyes are greeting a brand new or revamped commercial space, this is a quintessential truth. To curate a positive impression that will attract streets full of customers and clients, you want to ensure that your commercial property is well-maintained with a striking exterior and interior.

All this is done with help from the right designs and colour palettes to suit the type of business you are in. The company you run will typically dictate the colour scheme or palette of shades and tones you select to add dimension and target a particular audience. 

Many business owners can neglect the importance of selecting suitable paint and stain colours that fit the surrounding buildings and the company's logo; however, this and other little details are what will help you distract people into stepping into your store. 


How to Choose The Right Paint Colour for Commercial Buildings?

Colour Psychology

It should come as no surprise that colour can dramatically affect our moods and feelings, even our memory; they are much like a trigger in the same way a specific scent can remind you of a time in your life. 

Considering colour psychology when selecting the most appropriate exterior and interior design colour palette for your business is crucial.

Many colours can impact different people in numerous ways; however, several studies have displayed specific patterns and general rules that apply to certain colours.

Various brands that utilise colours such as light blue, grey and other neutral hues often wish to establish brand loyalty, which is why many banks and insurance companies associate themselves with these colours, as they are calming, welcoming and safe.

To create a strong impression of your company, you may want to select green tones, as these are typical signs of success and growth, a clear colour link to money.

Bright yellow tones or red shades tend to help curate an energetic, lively atmosphere; it's also common for making individuals feel hungry, which is why many food courts or establishments incorporate red into the logo or interior.

What Is The Best Colour For A Commercial Building?

Orange can be a suitable colour choice for businesses focused primarily on providing customers with discounts or good value for money, as these are often added features that stand out. 

White is a tricky colour to incorporate on its own as its typically perceived as either bland or sleek and minimalist, so you want to take a look at the type of business you own and decide what is most suitable.

For example, if you have a simple law office building, the colours don't need to be bold or exciting, and you can opt for a slick white shade. You can create the most fitting and suitable professional atmosphere by utilising the science of colour psychology and its impact on the human mind to ensure your building reaches its target audience.

Brand Recognition And Commercial Building Painting

Brand Recognition

Suppose your company has a pre-existing colour palette that you utilise throughout business cards, logos, websites, social media and exterior signage. We highly recommend using exterior paint colours that match or are of similar shades and bright tones.

One of the most significant advantages of having a colour palette that stays the same throughout is that it will help make your brand recognisable to the general public, ensuring current and future clients can quickly identify the property and its whereabouts.

Colour is another fantastic way of conveying your company's message; it can reinforce exactly what you want to provide for your customers. Your headquarters must be an example of loyalty and encompass your brand's values.

We highly recommend looking closely at the meanings behind the colours you select and deciphering whether or not they successfully display what you wish to sell and supply.

It is a proven fact that brand colours are known to increase the recognition of your brand by precisely 80%, which is often why as soon as we think of Mcdonald's, we think of the colour yellow, or when we think of Asda, we think of the colour green. Branding through colour dramatically impacts how we perceive a company and its memorability. When looking for items in the supermarket, you typically search for the colour of the product you are looking for. 

Complementary Colours 

Another fantastic and valuable aspect to consider when choosing the right paint is colour theory. The colour theory often helps us decipher which colours work well together on the colour wheel, which complements each other and are perfect for interior or exterior design. 

Companies typically utilise four schemes of colour theory when selecting the perfect palette, such as complementary, tertiary, monochromatic and triadic.

In each of these styles, you can create a colour scheme that is cohesive and complementary to the environment, the products you intend to sell or the feeling you wish to establish.

Complementary Colours And Commercial Building Painting

Typically, complementary colour schemes our curated using two colours opposite one another on the colour wheel. Often the best way to use these colours within or outside your home or property is to select the primary colour.  You should use the other colour for an accent wall or accent the room with different ornamental aspects and branding assets.

For example, red and green typically complement one another, especially during Christmas; orange and blue look striking together and are often seen in bathrooms with nautical designs. Purple and yellow are often suited as they are best for floral patterns. 

Consider Local Environment And Commercial Building Painting

Consider Local Environment  

Taking the local environment and historical districts into consideration when choosing an exterior paint colour scheme for the interior and especially the exterior of your building.

You want to ensure your establishment stands out most subtly, or at least for the surrounding exterior materials.

For example, suppose the other companies or commercial properties are of more muted and neutral colours.

In that case, you don't want to proceed and paint the exterior of your establishment neon yellow, as this would not complement the area. You want to select slightly lighter or slightly darker colours than those around for enhanced curb appeal. 

What Is a Commercial Building Paint Project?

Commercial building projects are often touch-ups or painting renovations geared primarily towards offices, restaurants and stores open to the public. Such buildings aim to entice customers and members of the general public into buying their products or utilising their services, which is why it's paramount to ensure the interior and exterior designs convey a positive feeling and provide a solid first impression on future guests. 

Commercial painting tends to be much grander than residential properties, which is also why the painting of numerous residences is also referred to as a commercial task due to its scale. What makes commercial exterior painting projects is ultimately the building's size, architectural style, number and target audience.

If you're struggling to find the best fit, contact painting professionals who will provide you with all the necessary advice or help you complete a high-quality paint job. 

Best Exterior Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings

One way to select the best commercial paint for your building or property is to choose based on your service's important factors and the local architectural standards. 

We suggest selecting earthy shades and tones for those warehouses, industrial parks and workshops wishing to curate strong reliability with customers. For those who want to make their exterior a suitable logo extension, we recommend opting for colours that match your branding.

For example, suppose your logo has a bold green. In that case, we'd recommend a different palette shade, like a forest or emerald green, to ensure it stands out to visitors and potential customers. 

Creamy white, grey, soft blue, sandy beige, brown, and various other shades are ideal for professional office spaces or a tech company. You may wish to spruce up the interior with bolder colours to make it stand out, especially if you're looking for more occupants and wish to draw attention to the free space.

However, when decorating or revamping the exterior, we would encourage employers or property owners to consider the local environment and the brand colours in their logo. 

Vibrant colours may distract business associates or clients from detecting your logo in a heavily occupied space throughout a city or busy street. 

Hospital facilities often favour neutral shades, such as white or pale blues and grey, as these different colours and tones evoke various feelings, such as a sense of cleanliness and calm. 

The best way to draw attention to new customers is by using brand-appropriate vibrant colours, such as red, yellow, orange, etc. 

They are such loud colours that they create a pull to guests and bypassers, making their decision process of where to shop next much more straightforward. 

Blue is often used for department stores, and more feminine pursuits utilise shades of pink and purple so that you can identify fashion, beauty and perfume boutiques. 

Commercial Painting Services Northampton

If you require further assistance on your commercial building painting, please contact our professional and experienced team of painters and decorators. We will be happy to help you paint external or internal commercial spaces. 

If you require commercial painting and decorating services for Northampton or the surrounding areas, follow the link below.