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Does Interior Painting Increase The Value Of A House

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  • 15-11-2022
Does Interior Painting Increase The Value Of A House

How Much Does Painting a House Increase Its Resale Value?

Painting your household or property helps to restore and increase its overall resale value, especially if the fresh paint job is completed by high-quality professional painters in your local area. Brush marks, paint drips, or an uneven finish can diminish the value cost and visual appeal. We highly recommend getting a talented individual to perform the task of repainting for you at an affordable price, whether you, a relative, a friend or someone from a professional painting company.

Superior and well-maintained home painting projects will raise your home's value, so you want to ensure it is completed with care to achieve the best possible results. If you're struggling and require expert advice, please contact local interior and exterior painting services in your area. They will provide you with a free quote and some further information. 


The paint colours that can boost your home's value

Selecting warm neutral colours

Redecorating your home with a fresh coat of paint before placing it on the market is probably one of the best decisions you can make, as buyers are more likely to purchase and look around redecorated homes. The first thing is you don't want potential buyers to come into a home that appears worn, murky or in poor condition that bombards them with too many colours, so providing a fresh, new impression with brand-new paint colours will help do so.

Neutral tones, colours and shades are better and allow many homeowners to imagine themselves living in the space, as they are easily adaptable and go with practically any coloured furniture. Many buyers across the UK may not want to spend more money on redecoration once they have purchased a new household or property.

Going for the right colours will make them more valuable and inviting, making them easier to slot your furnishings and belongings into. Many experts recommend opting for tans, golds, and greige-beige and grey shades as these are softer on the eyes, evoke warm, cosy feelings, and are somewhat of a blank canvas. 

For those searching for a colour choice that will ensure your spaces appear brighter and bigger, look no further than the obvious option: a bright white shade.

White is the one shade that you can utilise across any room or space within a property or home that doesn't decrease the home value and can only serve to increase it.

White kitchens and bathrooms are some of the ultimate crowd-pleasers, say those working throughout the design and remodelling industry.

The tone of white is also something to pay attention to; a soft white shade will ensure your house is as marketable and clean as possible, drawing attention from wide masses of people.

However, a warm white can impress potential buyers and allow them to place themselves in a much more homely and welcoming space. 

Any variation of cream shades will also help brighten and freshen up a space that needs rejuvenating.

Many real estate investors will state that they like to incorporate light cream colours when flipping a property and redecorating it for a new set of potential buyers.

Its commonly known for boosting a household or property value by a few hundred or thousand pounds and offers a comfortable, inviting feeling. 

A survey in 2021 discovered that light blue was one of the most popular shades to paint your bathroom and may increase your home's value by around £5,000.

Bathrooms are spaces in a household where homeowners come to relax and calm themselves with a nice hot bath or a soothing shower to rest any aching muscles.

It's the perfect environment to paint with light blue coloured paint to help foster and evoke those serene feelings.

Light blue makes rooms appear comfortable and inviting but also spacious, which is ideal for a space that gets so warm and foggy, as it can erase the feeling of being trapped in cost-effective ways.

More space equals more value, even if it is purely an illusion.This shade is also a more neutral colour, meaning it will appeal to a broad audience with various tastes and styles, which is great for those selling their homes in the future. 

Beige and grey are some of the best neutral shades and colours you can opt for when designing your interior; however, if you struggle to pick between the two, we highly recommend a combination of both, typically referred to as 'Greige.'

Greige is a warmer, more elegant version of white and grey that offers a property room a layer of sophistication. Greige is also known to increase the value of your home; neutral colours like brown, beige and grey can add up to approximately £2,000.

Such is because the minimalist look is often favoured due to its rise in popularity over the years.

It's also the easiest colour palette for a new family or property owner to revamp and colourise with their own furniture, as it will likely match whatever colour furniture they intend to implement. 

Which rooms should I prioritise When Painting?

Many interior designers and concept managers will say painting your home is one of the most transformative and effective ways to adapt and improve a space.

The perfect paints to search for are the ones of colour and texture that can make a large room appear smaller and cosier and a small room appears more spacious.

One of the most useful ways to make your small rooms look much more extensive is by using pastels or much lighter shades as it will brighten up the space; it also helps to paint the trim or skirt boards the same colour as your walls to give the illusion of longer more spacious walls.

For those with a larger room that wish to make it feel smaller and more homely, we recommend utilising richer, darker colours of a more warm tone, as this will focus your walls inward and make the space feel cosier and more personal.

The best colours to photograph tend to be neutral or lighter shades, so bear that in mind if you are redecorating a home or desire a quick sale, as this will make it appear brighter and larger. When painting a specific room or room, we encourage you to shift your focus to your foyer, bathroom, kitchen and any significant entryways, as these will be the most visited spaces in your UK home.

The best way to assess whether particular colours work well in your current space is to take sample cans and paint sleek, clear swatches on a piece of cardboard, testing it close by windows and lamps to see what it looks like in natural and artificial light. You can skillfully utilise paint colours to emphasise the unique features of your room and help draw attention to the best aspects you want guests to pick up on.

For example, a bright white baseboard will only pop when paired against a wall of a different colour. Many home improvement professionals will tell you that colourful details are more likely to impact buyers and evoke a memorable impression. 

Different paint finishes and sheens

Choosing the right interior and exterior paint for your project is essential, and the task requires you to think deeply about more than just the colour. You want to make sure that the surface you're painting on is as smooth as possible before applying any paints or finishes. 

There are various sheens and finishes available across the UK market for full exterior paint jobs, and many of them have different impacts on the colour and how they allow it to pop on walls, front doors or clean surfaces.

Other factors, such as the wall's smoothness, thickness and overall texture, will also affect the finish in either a pleasing or off-putting fashion. Ensure you erase all cracking and peeling paint before applying paint or sheen.

We highly recommend searching for several aspects when choosing the perfect type of paint for your home's exterior building, many of which are suggested by Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, a popular marketing manager for the PQI (Paint Quality Institute).

You can enhance your curb appeal at an affordable rate if you follow these steps:

We recommend sticking to flat or eggshell sheens when working with broad walls, as these will help disguise nail pops or textural unevenness, much like a satin sheen. Semi-gloss and satin coats are far superior when searching for stain resistance and durability. When curing the doors or trims of each room, we encourage you to invest in semi-glosses as these make it more straightforward to clean handprints or dust.

Often the asking price of the interior or exterior painting's colour or sheen is the most significant indicator of its level of quality. High-quality paint will be a few extra pounds, and with cheaper paints, you'll have to spend more time applying more coats which could create bubbling or smudging.

We recommend an eggshell or semi-gloss in places such as new kitchens or bathrooms where there will be moisture in the air from bathing or cooking. Ensure you paint the trim and ceiling, not just the walls. If you are completing DIY home improvements and house painting projects, you want to ensure you purchase high-quality brushes and rollers; these will give even the most inexperienced painters a flawless finish.

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