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Our Interior Decorating Services

If you require interior decorating services, in Northampton and the surrounding areas of Northamptonshire contact our painters and decorators today. Mike caters mainly to domestic clients whom are considering a colour change to transform a room or simply a refresh.

Professional Internal Decorating

Whether its changing one of your bedrooms into the office or being inspired by Dulux colour of the year for your living room. 

Tranquil dawn which was colour of the year in 2020 proved popular had an air of calm and clarity that perfectly reflects the theme of a new dawn. It's a delicate, fluid shade that sits somewhere between green, grey and blue. 

Its effect changes depending on the colours it is used with, making it beautiful versatile shade that gives homes 'the human touch'. 

Mike gives help and advice on the initial visit to your home and or video call, he would normally carry out a detailed inspection and discuss the homeowners needs, actually discuss how best to tackle the different preparations and tasks to achieve best result.  

Good preparation of surface substrates is key to achieving a high standard finish. Mike and the team use one of the most modern electric sanding machines with dust extraction which reduces the air pollution and keeps the dust to a minimum.

Surface plastering

Surface plastering if required is something they would usually recommend a preferred local Company, Mike would normally go ahead of the plasterers to prepare the surface ready to be plastered, whether that is by way of existing wallpaper removal, removing wallpaper borders, removal of dado rail or generally removal of old sealant around door frames and raking out any loose debris ready for the application of plaster skim smooth finish.

Dulux Trade products

Mike will always try to give best advice on Dulux Trade products when choosing different paint finishes; for white ceilings they do favour Dulux Trade 'super matt' or Dulux Trade 'ultra matt' which has non reflective properties great for critical light, helps to deflect and hide imperfections particularly good on broad areas. 

Walls; one of Mike's favourite product for walls is Dulux Trade 'diamond matt' which has stain repellent technology actively repels stains, ensures ease of cleaning. 

The 'diamond eggshell' delivers outstanding performance for scrubbing, scuffs and stains which can be used in kitchens & bathrooms, colour mixed in the Dulux palette. Dulux Trade 'scuffshield' which is the 'ultimate scuff resistant technology' which should keep your walls looking great for longer.

For brilliant white woodwork; Mike prefers Dulux Trade 'diamond satinwood'. High quality acrylic finishes on wood trim including staining and varnishing. Wallpapering, brush & roller work, sponging and stenciling. 

Mike is very passionate about Dulux & Heritage paint products and finishes, a lot of his time is spent on the preparation of the surfaces, filling using the best products, priming, undercoating and building up a number of coats, sanding surfaces between coats and finally applying the topcoats. 

Protection of surfaces; floors are either cloth sheeted or plastic protected on vunerable areas such as walk ways and door ways using specialist product; www.packexe.co.uk Furniture including kitchen and bathrooms are normally plastic sheeted and sealed for the duration of the project.

Find the perfect service for you

If you are interested in other services we provide, please take a look through our website pages. If you have any queries about our decorating services or would like to arrange for us to decorate your home anywhere in the Northampton area, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. 

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If you have any queries about our decorating services or would like to arrange for us to decorate your home anywhere in the Northampton area, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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