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DULUX SELECT DECORATORS guarantee explained

 Assessed and approved by Dulux. 
 They offer a 2 year workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind.
 Follow the strict Dulux Code of Practice to give you the highest standards.
 Residential home.
 Manage your job professionally from initial quote to final coat.
 Take care to look after your home, leaving it clean & tidy.

You can trust your local Dulux Select Decorator to deliver an exceptional service.

Your Dulux Select Decorator is an independent Decorator, who has been assessed and accredited as a scheme member by Dulux. Members offer a 2 year quality workmanship guarantee including deposit protection (guarantee activation is required, terms and conditions apply). The professional 'Dulux Select Decorator scheme' ensures the highest standards are upheld;

Points to note:

 Make sure you have received a dated quotation or estimate for the work to be undertaken. 

 To qualify for the Dulux Guarantee your Dulux Select Decorator must only use AkzoNobel products within the AkzoNobel brand portfolio: Dulux Trade, Sikkens, Armstead Trade, Polycell Trade, Cuprinol & Hammerite. 

 If the work to be undertaken does not qualify for a 2 year guarantee your Decorator will advise you accordingly and you will be asked to sign a 'workmanship guarantee disclaimer'

The following conditions apply: 

 Products used which are outside the rules of the scheme.

 Decorator's professional advice not taken. 

 Poor substrates. Inadequate specification given by homeowner.

 Severe climate change Work is not on a private residential home. 

 Work undertaken by employee or sub contractor not registered under the scheme.

The essential Information

All potential members will have their references and qualifications confirmed before taking a practical workmanship assessment. This allows Dulux to assess their decorating skills as well as their ability to interact with customers.

Homeowner to receive quote or estimate prior to work start N.B. a quotation is a binding agreement as to the cost.

Estimates or quotes must be in writing, should be legible, comprehensive and include a detailed specification of the work to be carried out. There should be no hidden cost and VAT must been shown ( where applicable ) All materials, labour and include clearing debris.

Terms of payment including stage payments & deposit if applicable.

Deposits are protected under the Dulux guarantee. 

Deposits must not exceed 25% of the job value to a maximum of £3000.00.

Scheme Members must provide a high standard of service. They should be courteous and honest in all their dealings with the home owner.

Scheme Members must have 'public liability insurance' of a minimum of £1m in place. The scheme's administrators undertake periodic independent checks.

AkzoNobel brand portfolio; Dulux Trade, Heritage, Sikkens, Armstead Trade, Polycell Trade, Cuprinol & Hammerite.

If at your request the Dulux Select Decorator does not follow the AkzoNobel product specification for whatever reason, the guarantee does not apply.

All products must be used in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions.

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please raise it in the first instance with your Decorator, who is then required to inform the Dulux Select Decorators office of the complaint.

Your scheme Member is required to resolve the complaint directly with you. If this is not possible, you can lodge an official complaint by calling the Dulux Select Decorators office on 0333 222 7022 or by emailing dulux.select@akzonobel.com

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Terms and conditions

Scope of the guarantee 

The guarantee is available only for painting and decorating work on private residential premises in the uk which is carried out by an approved Dulux Select Decorator using the AkzoNobel brand portfolio. The guarantee does not affect the homeowner's statutory rights.

If the scheme member defaults on their guarantee, Dulux will ensure they complete the work to a satisfactory level. If this is not possible , Dulux will make alternative arrangements by appointing another scheme member within the liability of the guarantee to complete the work.

Claims under guarantee 

Before making a claim under the guarantee the homeowner must first try to resolve the matter with the Dulux Select Decorator scheme member. Only where the matter has not been resolved to the homeowners satisfaction should they contact Dulux Select Decorators membership scheme office.

Tel:0333 222 7022  



Dulux Select Decorators,
The AkzoNobel Building,
Wexham Road,
Slough, Berkshire

Limit of Liability

The guarantee covers the amount by which the cost of remedying the defective work, when taken together with the cost of the work already done, exceeds the original price quoted for the work. Subject to this, the homeowner remains liable to pay the Dulux Select Decorator scheme member for the work carried out by the Dulux Select Decorator scheme member unless otherwise agreed.

Where the complaint refers to property or personal damage, Dulux will in the first instance ask the homeowner and their scheme member to pursue this through the scheme member's liability insurance. However, if for any reason this is not possible, Dulux will ask the homeowner to pursue the claim under their household insurance policy.

Under these circumstances Dulux will cover any excess payable and any additional cost the homeowner suffers due to an increase in their household insurance premium in the following 12 months. However, Dulux will not pay for any losses or costs that they are not directly covered by the Terms and Conditions of this guarantee.

The liability to Dulux under the Guarantee is capped at twice the invoice cost of the work and does not cover consequential loss.

Your two year guarantee

Your Decorator will guarantee workmanship for two years from completion of the  job providing products in the AkzoNobel Trade brand portfolio used.

Dulux will underwrite your Decorator's Workmanship Guarantee for the same two years.

The Dulux Guarantee will still cover the application of complementary products, e.g. fillers, preparation materials and wall coverings but strictly excludes use of competitors products when the product is available from the AkzoNobel Trade brand portfolio. Please note; use of competitors products will invalidate your guarantee.

Complementary products; the application / use of these products is covered by the Workmanship Guarantee, however, in the case of product breakdown, your Decorator would claim directly from his supplier and/or the manufacturer to cover costs for any remedial work required. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

Please note; poor substrates, inadequate specification made by homeowners and severe climate exposure can result in early breakdown of surface coatings. Your Dulux Select Decorator scheme member will advise accordingly. If the work is undertaken in such circumstances it will not be covered by the Dulux Guarantee. This will be clearly stated by the scheme member in a 'Dulux Workmanship Guarantee Disclaimer' form. Your statutory rights remain unaffected.

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