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Mike Poole Decorators is a professional painter and decorator in Northampton, Northamptonshire, offering our expertise to customers locally and throughout the surrounding areas. If you require a domestic plastering service, we will be happy to recommend local plasterers that we can work with for your decorating needs.  

Plastering Services 

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. And we know plasterers with the skills and trade knowledge necessary to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed. No matter the scale of the decorating project you have in mind, our team can handle it. Whether you need small plaster repairs or an entirely new set of walls, we can have a local team on hand to help.   

A selection of the plastering services we can recommend include:   

 Plastering existing or newly built walls and ceilings

 Skimming hardwall to bring back a nice finish

 Skimming a plaster finish onto boards

 Artex walls

 Artex ceilings

 Remedial damp proofing


 Tape and jointing

 Stud wall partitioning

 Monocouche Render 

 Float and Set 

Domestic Plastering Services Northampton

About Domestic Plastering 

There is a wide variety of plaster out there in the world, each with its own mixing methods and applications. Therefore, we feel it may be valuable to list a few of the different plaster features and answer a few questions that our customers may wonder about. Naturally, if you would rather speak to us directly, our friendly team are on hand to answer any calls or emails.  


Different types of plaster will dry at different rates. As a typical example, we'll take browning plaster. This type can set within a couple of hours. However, professional plasterers recommend that you always leave it for longer before you attempt to paint it. This is because the topcoat of the plaster will take up to two or three days to dry, while the undercoats can take up to a week.

Lime plaster is a type of material made by combining lime with sand and water. It is the most traditional type of plaster that has been used for thousands of years, with evidence of it being used in the chambers of the Great Pyramids. Some of the benefits of this type of plaster include its strength and flexibility. The high pH levels in the lime also make it a natural fungicide, so you will never find mould in lime plaster. However, hydraulic lime can become toxic when wet.

Skimming is a plastering method whereby you apply a thin layer of plaster onto a rough wall to smooth it over. Skimming can be a tricky job, especially if you are trying to skim an already plastered surface. Therefore it is always recommended that you arrange for a professional painter and decorator, such as ourselves, to do it.

While the finished result of professional quality plastering can leave you with perfectly smooth walls, you can't make omelettes without breaking a few eggs. Mess is one of the most common aspects of plastering, but our professional services will always ensure that we clean up after the job is done.

The short answer is no. If you want to plaster a wall, you will need to remove any wallpaper from it before the professional painter and decorator arrives. Naturally, the decorator you hire can strip your wallpaper for you, but this will cost extra. Plaster needs to stick to your walls, and having paper in the way will prevent this.

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If you are interested in other services we provide, please take a look through our websites. If you have any queries about our decorating services or would like to arrange for us to decorate your home anywhere in the Northampton area, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. 

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If you have any queries about our decorating services or would like to arrange for us to decorate your home anywhere in the Northampton area, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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